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Diverse Gardening Stock Photo: Agender Person Eats Cherries in Garden

Diverse Gardening Stock Photo: Agender Person Eats Cherries in Garden

Hi! This is your friendly photographer speaking. As someone who's rebelling against the normative stock images carried by the big stock photo sites, I've promised to never feature photos of women laughing alone while eating salad. (Because seriously, who does that?) I've also vowed never to valorize foods mainstream culture sees as "healthy" at the expense of all others.

However, I think this photo turns those tropes on its head in a way that's worth depicting. For one, the shot was completely candid -- we'd just finished a couple hours of shooting them holding and interacting with a variety of produce, and when we finished they jokingly grabbed and started eating some of the fresh goodies. But I also wanted to capture this moment because it portrayed their real joy in being outdoors and eating these foods they genuinely like.

As you consider how you'll use this photo, I encourage you to keep with its true spirit. Use it to illustrate joy in food and movement and the outdoors, rather than to value some foods over others.

An agender person stands in a grove of rhododendron bushes and eats a fresh dark red cherry. Their preferred pronouns are "they" and "them." They're wearing blue denim jeans, ear plugs, an olive green shirt, and a blue denim jacket. They have bright blue-green dyed hair.

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