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"I'm proud to be a part of this project.

The photographer 📷 is a talented individual who is changing the landscape of current stock photos with DIVERSITY. WE are all unique, we are all beautiful, we are worthy, we are our truest selves. Take a look, and share with those who are looking for that diversity." - Leilani DeNieva, DSP model


So you've been asked to model for a stock photo shoot? Hi, and welcome to Representation Matters! This is your guide to modeling for stock photography.

A little about me: I'm Lindley. I'm in my 30s and I identify as a white, cis, hetero fat woman who prefers the pronouns "she" and "her." I live in the Seattle metro area in Washington state with my husband and two opinionated felines.

I've been a photographer for about 15 years now, and began doing body-positive portrait photography in 2015 and launched Representation in 2016. You can find out more about RM here.

What to Expect

These are low-pressure, fairly laid-back shoots. I’ll give you guidance on where to stand and how to pose. You won’t be expected to look, move, or act like a trained model, so don’t stress.

Stock photography modeling is a bit different than portrait or fashion modeling. You’ll often be asked to repeat a movement or freeze in the middle of doing something. It doesn’t mean that you’re doing it wrong, just that I want to capture your actions from various angles!

Here's my workflow:

1. We plan the shoot and you decide in advance whether you'd like to be paid in images (2 per hour that you model) or money ($20 per hour that you model). The images don't cost you anything unless you want additional photos.

2. We have the shoot and if you chose money, I give you a check at the end of the shoot.

3. Since I use the photos for my stock photo website, I do edit all the ones that are keepers.

4. If you chose to be paid in photos, I send you a gallery link so you can pick out the ones you want to keep. I'll then send you a download link so you can download the high-res versions.

5. I put captions and tags on the photos and upload them to my stock photo website.

What to Wear and Bring

Be sure to style your hair and wear makeup as you want to appear in the photos. You can choose to wear makeup or not; either way is fine. No matter how you'd like to appear, you'll need to look neat and well groomed. No greasy skin or hair, please.

Please wear clothing that's appropriate for the type of activity you'll be doing. Before you put on or pack your clothing for the shoot, examine each piece carefully. Look for snags, holes, and loose threads and fix them as needed. Make sure all your clothing is free of wrinkles, lint and animal hair as well.

If you're asked to bring any devices, like a laptop or cellphone, please clean it carefully and make sure it's fingerprint-free.

Please DO NOT wear any clothing with visible brand names or symbols, or in neon colors.

Depending on the goals of our shoot, you may be asked to wear and bring specific items. See the Session Checklist below for a handy list of what else to bring with you.


"Earlier this month Maria and I got the opportunity to work with S Lindley Ashline in a photoshoot for her amazing growing business, Representation Matters. She is so talented! The work she is doing brings body positive, diverse, and fun photos to the stock photo market and will ultimately result in a better representation of "real" people in things like marketing ads, business tools, and social media posts.

We were both so grateful to be a part of her mission. Thanks for the great experience, Lindley!" - Rebecca Thornton, DSP model



It's only fair that everyone involved is compensated appropriately. People who participate in DSP shoots fall into three categories, as described below. You're almost certainly in the "model" category.

Business Owner: As the business owner, their compensation is to receive all the photos from the shoot for their personal and business use.

Business Partners/Co-Owners: Like the business owner, partners and co-owners have access to the final photos from the shoot for their use, and are not compensated separately.

Models: This includes employees of the business who participate as well as anyone else appearing in photos. You may choose payment of $20 per hour of modeling OR two high-res digital images of your choice per hour of modeling. (And yes, you get compensated even if you're already being paid as an employee of the business.)

Compensation does not include travel time. Be sure to check the appropriate box on the model questionnaire for the compensation you'd like.

After the Shoot

After we finish, I’ll edit your photos and select the best ones. I believe in the natural beauty of ALL people, so I do minimal retouching. Please be aware that I do not edit people to look thinner. Your body is so precious just as it is; you don’t need fancy Photoshop tricks to be beautiful.

Within about three weeks, depending on the compensation we agreed upon, you’ll receive a link to download your free, high-resolution files. If you’re expecting payment, it should arrive within a few weeks.

I’ll also give you access to a private gallery where you can view the best photos from the shoot and, if so inclined, purchase high-res files for a flat fee of $50 per photo. There’s no obligation to make a purchase.

Contact Details

Lindley Ashline
(571) 403-0464

Got any questions? Just drop me an email! Also, if you haven’t already, please join my page and share with your Facebook world:



Session Checklist

Must be completed, signed and returned:

  • Model contract and release
  • Questionnaire


  • Clean, dry hair, styled any way you like
  • Makeup (or lack thereof) in a style that makes you happy and comfortable (whatever you wear day to day is fine)
  • Bring makeup and lipstick for touchups if wearing makeup
  • NO clothing with visible people, brand names, words or symbols (abstract patterns are okay)
  • NO neon clothing

Bring with you

  • Bottle of water and a snack
  • Flat shoes (if you’re wearing heels)
  • Jacket or sweater that coordinates with clothing
  • Umbrella