Plus Size People - Representation Matters

"Under the current ‘tyranny of slenderness,’ women are forbidden to become large or massive; they must take up as little space as possible. The very contours of a woman’s body take on as she matures - the fuller breasts and rounded hips - have become distasteful.

The body by which a woman feels herself judged and which by rigorous discipline she must try to assume is the body of early adolescence, slight and unformed, a body lacking flesh or substance, a body in whose very contours the image of immaturity has been inscribed.

The requirement that a woman maintains a smooth and hairless skin carries further the theme of inexperience, for an infantilized face must accompany her infantilized body, a face that never ages or furrows its brow in thought.

The face of the ideally feminine woman must never display the marks of character, wisdom, and experience that we so admire in men." » Sandra Lee Bartky, Foucault, Femininity, and the Modernization of Patriarchal Power