Healthy Body Image - Representation Matters

"Just as other folks who are in oppressed/marginalized groups have found power in reclaiming words that have been used to describe them as slurs, for me, using the word fat is not only power-filled but political and revolutionary. Every time I use it as an identity for myself it is a big "Fuck you" to the diet industry and societal beauty standards that are literally out here trying to kill me and mine because we don’t fit their version of beautiful or valuable.

We have been so socialized to think of fat as a bad word that we’ve actually equated it with a slur rather than what the word actually means. The dictionary definition of fat as an adjective is: '(a person or animal) having a large amount of excess flesh.' That’s me.

Using the word fat for myself felt odd at first, but now it’s actually pretty liberating and power-filled. Using the word fat and finding community of other folks who identify that way as well has been life-saving for me.

Representation matters. When you see yourself represented in other people’s work — cultural, academic, community — it is so validating and life-saving." » Laura Luna