Eating Disorders & Diet Recovery - Representation Matters

"So many people are afraid of food, afraid of their own appetite, afraid of experiencing pleasure from food, afraid that if they start to eat something, they’ll never stop.

Such fears around food and body point to a powerful life lesson: learning to trust. Trust in your body, trust your choices, and trust that even when you make a mistake, you can return to a place of self-compassion and begin again. When it comes to food and body, trust is key.

There’s a place where the body is such a profound mystery, where it’s a gift, where it’s sacred, and where the science of it is so stunning and complex that we only really understand a very small percentage of what’s really going on inside of our own skin.

So you might as well choose to trust. Trusting in life, and in the body, enlivens us and relaxes us, which ultimately gives the body the best chance to heal and find it’s sweet spot. 💙" » Emily Joy Rosen